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Is COVID Symptom Tracker App Genuine Or A Scam? Know Details Here

COVID Symptom Tracker App will help you self-test yourself for Coronavirus pandemic. Find out if COVID Symptom Tracker App is genuine or not.

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In the fight against COVID-19, it has become necessary for the world to practice social distancing. The governments of several countries are trying their best to provide accurate information to their citizens via apps and websites. Many private apps and websites like 'Covid Symptom Tracker app' promise the users to provide detailed information and also assists them to self-test themselves at home effectively. 

What is the health data science company, Zoe's Covid Symptom Tracker app?

Covid Symptom Tracker app and website is known for providing self-testing opportunities to people who feel they are exhibiting symptoms of the Coronavirus pandemic. The motive of this innovation is to help slow the outbreak and identify those at risk. However, this website is currently based for citizens in the UK.

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Is Covid Symptom Tracker app genuine or a scam?

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The Covid Symptom Tracker app assists people in self-diagnosing themselves by asking participants to take one minute a day to report if they are feeling healthy or not. If they are not feeling better, then the users are asked questions on a wide range of symptoms, from coughs, fever, fatigue, diarrhoea and confusion. The Coronavirus self-testing app also asks users to fill in data such as age, sex and postcode and other questions regarding any existing medical conditions, including heart disease, asthma, diabetes and more.

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The Covid Symptom Tracker app is developed by the UK based researchers from credible places such as King’s College London, Guy’s & St Thomas’ hospitals, ZOE and more. The state has currently more than 3000 cases of Coronavirus affected people. The app promises to aid the testing process by making it available online. This way all the affected people who are self-isolating themselves from the world do not have to come out to seek testing and can use this coronavirus symptom tracker to find out if they need medical assistance for the virus or not. 

Stats about the app downloads from App Store and Play Store

The Covid symptom tracker app has reached more than 9500 downloads on App Store and Play Store. 

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