Desert Eagle Pistol Coming With Update 0.15.0 To PUBG Mobile


Desert Eagle is now officially confirmed to hit PUBG Mobile. This would be with the Update 0.15.0 that is slated to seed from 16 October.Check out now.

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Desert Eagle is now officially confirmed to hit PUBG Mobile. This would be with the Update 0.15.0 that is slated to seed from 16 October. Now, not too long ago, PUBG Mobile had released a teaser image which spoke volumes about newer features, apart from payload mode and ledge grab, hitting PUBG Mobile on 16 October. The Desert Eagle was a much-asked for weapon, as far as gamers are concerned.

Update 0.15.0 generates huge curiosity

Announcing the seeding of Desert Eagle, in a new tweet, PUBG Mobile has also stated that players could expect other enhancements to guns. The Desert Eagle is potentially also an ideal weapon as far as inflicting damage to enemies from short-range is concerned. For the uninitiated, Desert Eagle is a pistol. This has been rated/viewed highly by gamers. The Update 0.15.0 has generated tremendous interest amongst players. This was mainly for the ledge grab feature which lets players find newer ways of navigating in-game and destroy enemies in varied ways, as they progress through innovative mechanisms.

Now, with Desert Eagle, this interest has seemingly doubled. 16 October is still quite far away, but the hype has reached a crescendo. The other major feature, payload mode, lets players use heavy weapons and even navigate helicopters. Even these offer innovative ways to slaughter enemies mercilessly. Then, there are Erangel 2.0, and a new rocket launcher. All these newr aspects should potentially generate curiosity. Here, it is worth remembering that PUBG Mobile has come under criticsm in India with critics labeling the game violent/aggressive. However, the game does deserve credit especially with its series of eSports tournaments such as the recent PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) and the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) and the current PMCO Fall Spring 2019. These have helped Indian eSports talent shine at global levels.

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