Fake Coronavirus Tracker App Locks The Host Device; Password To Unlock Device Found


Coronavirus tracker app has Malware that gains complete access to a device. However, a password has been found. Read for more details on this issue.

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After Coronavirus Heat map software, another coronavirus tracker app has been found responsible for sending viruses to the mobile phones of many downloaders and gaining access to their devices. The software takes control over the devices, gaining access to personal files and locks them completely.

Coronavirus Tracker app has a virus that gains control over the device

Source ~ DNS official blog 

The Coronavirus Tracker software has a known Malware or Ransomware which has previously been used in many porn Apk files to gain access over the device, according to DNS threat intelligence company. Many users have become victim of this Malware. It first shows the ad on various platforms and promises to provide relevant information regarding the pandemic. Later, the site asks the users to download several Apk files including Coronavirus Tracker app, dating apps and other Porn apk files.

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When a user downloads any of the Apk files, the Ransomware asks for access to personal information, lock screen, and more. Once the permission is granted by the device user, the hacker gains control over the device, locking it completely. The app also showcases threat guidelines where the device owner is asked to send money through Bitcoin to regain device control. The hacker also threatens to spread their personal information like passwords, gallery files, and more online.

Source ~ DNS official blog 

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What is the password to unlock devices locked by the malware?

The password for the COVID-19 tracker virus lock has been discovered by a Reddit user who shared the info on his social media. The verified password is 4865083501 and the DNS blog post has confirmed that the password is legitimate. One can now easily regain access to their devices and delete the app completely. 

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How to keep your computer safe from such Coronavirus malware software?

According to several cybersecurity researchers, the expanse of such Malware software has increased due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The only way to keep one's PCs safe is to download antivirus and keep it updated. Scan the entire computer thoroughly and delete any suspicious item. If you do not find any virus, then stay away from downloading content that has '.exe' in the end. Also, to keep the computer safer, keep the auto-download off. Set different passwords on all your accounts and do not save any password, banking data or identification information on your PC.

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