FIFA 20 Demo Now Live, Would It Take On PUBG Mobile With Popularity?

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:

FIFA 20 demo can now be checked out on Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4), and Xbox One along with that of PCs. The game is slated to release officially on 27 September. USP of FIFA 20 is its Football Intelligence that has been incorporated to add a degree of realism to the gameplay. Then there are the FIFA Ultimate Team and the Volta Football aspects.  

FIFA 20 Pre-Release

At this point in time, FIFA 20 has been one of the most anticipated games of the year. Considering the pre-release hype, the demo seems to be worth checking out –but depends on user discretion (like always). If you are desirous of checking out the FIFA 20 demo, do remember that the pre-release version of FIFA 20 offers single-play experience. Then, there are features such as Shared/Split screen, 4K Ultra HD Clarity, and HDR 10 capabilities for Xbox One.  

Remote Play is also possible. This requires and continuous and stable internet connectivity. The FIFA 20 can now be pre-ordered from the official PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam repositories.  In India, FIFA 20 for Sony PS4 consoles costs Rs 3999

FIFA 20 - PUBG connection

In India, a wide section of gamers are familiar with both FIFA and PlayerUnknwon's Battlegrounds (PUBG). Both the titles are popular and literally have almost the same set of player base considering the fact that these involve strategy-formulation and skills(in-game). Gamers familiar with FIFA are also essentially in the knowhow of PUBG. Hence, any development (even minor ones) are worth reporting and checking out. In this regard, check out below a major update to PUBG Mobile.

 PUBG Mobile players are in for a potentially good time as the Update 0.15.0 would introduce the new Arcade Mode where there would be the new Payload mode which lets players use heavy artillery to slaughter enemies mercilessly. With this update, players could also use helicopters for combat. Though its release date is yet to be made public, the new Payload mode has generated enough pre-release hype. PUBG loyalist sand players have naturally been sounding eager to check out the new update which provides for enemy killing through rockets.