From Now On, Your Voice Hands-Free Is Amazon Alexa’s Command On Microsoft Windows 10 PCs

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Say "Hey Alexa" directly from now on, within Windows 10 PCs
  • Amazon Alexa is deeply integrated

A new version of Amazon Alexa now takes voice command directly from you, without having to be launched manually, on your Microsoft Windows 10 computers. The hands-free launch feature for enabling Alexa is now live which means that you could directly say “Hey Alexa”; earlier, you had to first launch the personal digital assistant (PDA) before you spoke to it. 

The update to Alexa should now be live, you could also install Amazon Alexa for your Windows 10 PCs manually from the Windows applications repository. Now, as per the Microsoft Windows app store, you could activate Alexa irrespective of where the app is running – background or foreground.  

Windows 10 users could check the new update, whilst also verifying if Pandora integration is enabled – meaning you could get the PDA to play all your desired music.  

Microsoft’s Windows 10 already comes integrated with Cortana- earlier, a group of users resorted to using Cortana to launch Alexa; which has now been simplified with the latter having received the ability to be launched directly and independently.  

At this point in time, you should remember that Alexa integration does make things smarter; but how about integration even within toilets – in a bid to make these smarter. If this gets you interested or invokes humour in you, then do note that such innovation (smart toilets) was showcased officially at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show; the prototype has been designed by Kohler and comes with deep Alexa integration. The makers of this smart toilet also claim that one of the functionalities offered by the smart toilet would be “water efficiency”- now, wouldn’t this be better off being taken care of by the toilet users rather than be offered as a feature by a smart toilet driven by Amazon Alexa. For more whacky aspects on the Alexa-driven smart toilet, click here.  

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