Golden Woods Update Now Live To PUBG Mobile Lite, Features New Weapons


PUBG Mobile Lite players can now check out the Golden Woods Map for gamers in India. This is a part of the new Update bearing version number 0.14.1.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PUBG Mobile Lite players can now check out the Golden Woods Map for  gamers in India. This new aspect, is a part of the new Update (bearing version number 0.14.1). There are newer game modes as well. A new season also begins from 1 October.

The Golden Woods Update

The Golden Woods offers newer “sub-places” for players to check out and even carry out loots. There are also battlegrounds taking place within Golden Woods. The Golden Woods map is exclusively for players in India. Hence, you could check out the update now.  Other newer enhancements introduced by the update 0.14.1 include the likes of a New Arcade Mode, newer vehicles such as the unconventional UAZ.

There are even newer firearms such as the QBU, QBZ, and thePP-19 weapons for players to slaughter enemies mercilessly. Finally, these are complemented by the newest game mode which is the Firefight: War Mode of RPG-7 that has hit PUBG Mobile Lite.  The Update 0.14.1 also incorporates fixes to known issues/bugs as well as conventional stability enhancements. For the uninitiated, the PUBG Mobile Lite offers features to gamers such as:

PUBG Mobile Lite update

  • Elevated Gameplay – PUBG MOBILE LITE delivers the classic tactical tournament experience on more mobile devices with smooth and stable gameplay  
  • Detail Optimization – Characters, map details and more are improved for even better visuals  
  • Building Areas/Supplies optimization: Building density and loot frequency has been increased to expedite the looting process and enhance battle progression;  
  • RPG and New Gear – Select game modes offer newer gears to players  
  • Combat Improvements – PUBG MOBILE LITE enhanced aim-assist performance in more devices while preserving the classic experience, and the ability to heal while moving.

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