Google Docs Updated To Display Word Count As You Type

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Google Docs would now dynamically display the word count in your document as and when you type

Google Docs would now dynamically display the word count in your document as and when you type. This feature is welcome as document creators could save ample time that goes into checking the word count each time. This should also be a potentially welcome step from the view of those working under word limits requiring to check their word count more frequently. To activate the new feature, users could choose Tools > Word Count > Display word count and set the Display word count options once to display the word count whilst typing.  The new enhancement is applicable to all of the GSuite variants. The dynamic word count functionality should be a boon to content writers and journalists who most often than not work under tight word limits. Even other categories of users should potentially feel blessed. 

A welcome enhancement

In Microsoft’s Office 360 suite, the online Word dynamically displays the word count as soon as users allow a short gap during typing. In GDocs’ scenario, the total current word count would be displayed at the left-hand side downwards. Rollout of the dynamic word count feature in Google Docs has begun on 9 September. Google states that this rollout would be a phased one. It should take a while to seed to all users. Do keep checking your GDocs documents on a regular basis. The new functionality would also be enabled by default.  “We’ve heard that displaying this information is helpful to users working on docs that require minimum or maximum word count,” stated folks at GDocs, in an official blog post. Then, to check out the word count of a specific paragraph, select and highlight the specific paragraph to determine word count – character count. 

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