Here's How To Navigate Secretly Using Google Maps Incognito Mode


Check out what the incognito mode in Google Maps is all about and how to navigate privately using the same. Full details.

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Updated On:
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You must have heard about the incognito mode inside the Google Chrome browser, right? It's the same feature that allows you to surf the web secretly, rather privately without leaving any traces of your activities in the browser's history. Not just Chrome but all major web browsers out there has a private browsing mode. While what they all decide to call it their core functionalities remain pretty much the same. But did you hear the same incognito mode has now made its way into Google Maps? Well, if you haven't, we have you covered. We'll tell you what the incognito mode in Google Maps is all about and how to navigate privately using the same.

Google Maps Incognito Mode: What is it?

The incognito mode in Google Maps is yet another step in ensuring your privacy while navigating from one place to another. There may be instances when you don't want Google to track some of your activities like what places you search for or navigate to. Once you enable the incognito mode, none of your Google Maps related activities will be saved to your Google account.

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Google Maps Incognito Mode: How does it work?

After you've enabled the incognito mode inside Google Maps, your device will neither save your browsing or search history in your Google account nor send notifications whatsoever. Your device will also cease to update your location history or shared location. Your search and location activity will no longer be used to personalise your Google Maps experience.

How to access Google Maps Incognito Mode?

-- Make sure you have the up-to-date version of Google Maps installed on your phone.

-- Open Google Maps on your Android phone.

-- Tap your profile picture at the upper right corner.

-- Tap 'Turn on incognito mode'.

Similarly, if you want to turn off Incognito mode, simply go to Google Maps > Tap your profile picture at the top right corner > Tap 'Turn off incognito mode.' While the incognito mode is on, the Google Assistant microphone will not be available for navigation. But the Google Assistant outside of Maps will continue to function as usual. Currently, the Google Maps Incognito Mode is not available for iOS.

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