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How To Disable TOTP In Zerodha? Know The Meaning And Use Of TOTP Before Disabling It

How to disable TOTP in Zerodha is a popualr questions asked by the users lately. But before disabling it, here's all you need to know about TOTP. Read more

how to disable totp in zerodha

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Zerodha has become a commonly used platform for a number of services including retail and institutional broking, currencies and commodities trading, mutual funds, and bonds. With the increase in users, the makers have added a number of security measures and the users are a bit confused about how to use them. Thus they have been searching for specific questions like how to disable TOTP in Zerodha. Here is all the information needed to turn off the TOTP option. Read more to know how to disable TOTP in Zerodha.

How to disable TOTP in Zerodha?

In order to disable the TOTP you will first require to log into your account on Kite web. Then you will be required to open your Account window. In the account window, try to spot “My profile” and then click on it. This will open a new window with a number of different options.  Search for “Password & Security” and open it. There you will be able to see the “Under 2Factor TOTP” option. If the option is enabled, you will be able to see a “disable” option. Click on it and then you will be required to enter your password and PIN. 

After putting in the required details you will successfully disable the TOTP in Zerodha. To enable follow the same steps. Instead of “disable” you will be able to spot the option “enable’ if your TOTP in Zerodha has been disabled. Zerodha themselves have also shared some information about the activation process of the TOTP on their official website. We have also attached a Youtube video that could help you out with your doubts. But before disabling TOTP, it is utterly important to know what exactly is TOTP and its advantages. Here is the meaning and the uses of TOTP. 

TOTP meaning and its use

Zerodha have constantly been working on improving their security measures because of the increase in cyber crime. TOTP is basically added security that is basically a Time based OTP (TOTP) instead of a Kite PIN. Some popular apps like the  Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy can be installed on your mobile phone or PC. These apps will help by generating a 6-digit TOTP every time you login. The users can also set up the TOTP with the help of Kite web and the TOTP app that can be installed on the mobile phone. It is certainly a great initiative that has been started by Zerodha in order to make their platform even more secure from the scammers out there. 

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