How To Share Google Maps Live Location For Bus And Train Journeys

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Published:


  • Make sure that you have updated Google Maps installed on your Android phone
  • Tap on the transit tab to figure out the best possible routes for your journey

It’s been quite some time since Google Maps allow users to share their live location with others. But now in what appears to be a new update to its app, Google Maps for Android users can share a real-time location while on their on-going train or bus journey, in addition to the estimated time of arrival. According to a new report, this feature is currently limited to Android users. However, iOS users can also expect to get a similar feature pretty soon.

We take a look at how easy it is to share a real-time location of your journey with your friends and family members:

Here’s how you can share real-time location and ETA of your trip

Step 1: Make sure that you have updated Google Maps installed on your Android phone. The feature is apparently available only in the latest version. Hence, if you have don’t have the latest version of Google Maps installed, the feature may not work up to your expectations.

Step 2: Open Google Maps app on your Android phone. Search for your destination from your current location. If you change your current location to someplace else, make sure to reach that place before you can start your trip and share with your friend or relative.

Step 3: Tap on the transit tab to figure out the best possible routes for your journey. Let’s say you want to take a bus going towards Nariman Point from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station, search accordingly so that you’ll get all possible routes with accurate bus information.

Step 4: Once you do, select the route and trip that you want to continue. Follow the in-app instructions so that you can get the exact bus you are looking for. Once you hop in, tap on the option called “Share trip” at the bottom right corner. It’ll take you to your list of contacts.

Step 5: You are almost done. Now all you need to do is select the contact you want to share your real-time trip information with.

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Here’s how you can improve the accuracy of your location

Below we have mentioned a few tips to help you improve the accuracy of your GPS location:

Tip 1: Instead of manually updating your location while searching for directions, you can always tap on a blue dot that shows exactly where you are. At times, your exact location and the location you assume to be true are different, which results in inconvenience. So we recommend you should always watch out for your real-time location by tapping the blue dot.

Tip 2: Google Maps determine your location with the help of GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular signal strength. If you are looking for expecting as much location accuracy as possible, make sure to keep all your phone’s GPS, Wi-Fi and connection to a cell tower on. Simply, refrain from putting your phone on flight mode while using Google Maps.

Tip 3: Alternatively, you can turn on high accuracy mode by navigating to Settings > Location > Switch location on > Mode > High accuracy.