Instagram Desktop Messenger Could Be In Works, Screenshots Surface


Instagram Desktop Messenger: Instagram appears to be adding a new desktop UI to let users communicate over Direct Messages on their laptop or computer

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Instagram appears to be adding a new desktop UI to let users communicate over Direct Messages on their laptop or computer, according to an app researcher Jane Munchon Wong. The report has it, Instagram DM desktop interface may be inspired heavily by Messenger. Of late, Instagram has been working towards making Instagram more like a communication platform, beyond photo and video sharing.

This could very well be part of Facebook's plans to make Instagram a full-fledge communication platform. Recently, Instagram launched a new, Snapchat like photo-first standalone app called Threads. Facebook says Threads for Instagram allows users to chat with their close friends.

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Threads for Instagram: Facebook launches a new Snapchat-like app

Instagram Desktop Messenger

Apparently, Instagram DMs desktop interface is more in line with Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg's privacy vision. Previously, Zuckerberg had said he plans to unify communication experience across Facebook family apps including Messenger, Instagram as well as WhatsApp. So, it hardly comes as a surprise that Instagram's DM desktop interface would share a similar UI to Messenger.

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Currently, Instagram has a pretty limited use case scenario on the desktop. Facebook's photo and video-sharing social media platform, with its primary focus on mobile-first experience, bears kind of outdated and unattractive desktop user interface. Many of its features barely even make it to its desktop version. People can’t even upload images from a PC unless they have a business profile. (Facebook allows Instagram business profiles to post from the desktop using Facebook Creator Studio)

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