IPhone Can Be Controlled With Your Eyes Using This App, Watch Video

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  • Developers at Hawkeye Labs uploaded a video demonstrating how users can control an iPhone with their eyes!
  • But Hawkeye Labs is not the first company working around the 'eye-tracking' mechanism

Do you know about an app that can allow you to control an iPhone with just your eyes? As fascinating as it sounds, software developers at Hawkeye Labs released a video demonstrating exactly how users can control an iPhone with their eyes! But Hawkeye Labs is not the first company working around the 'eye-tracking' mechanism. A few years ago, Samsung introduced a feature called 'Smart Scroll' to detects users' eyes using the selfie camera and scroll pages, courtesy of 'tilting your head or the device in'. Now, Hawkeye Labs allows iPhone and iPad users to control their devices using eyes.

Hawkeye Access

Apple's TrueDepth camera plays a vital role in the entire process. For this feature to work, Hawkeye Labs' technology relies on Apple's TrueDepth camera. In a nutshell, Hawkeye Access app only works on devices with a TrueDepth camera. Apple devices like the iPhone XS and new iPad Pro support TrueDepth. Hawkeye Access lets users browse websites hands-free directly through eye movements. This feature could come in handy for people with motor impairment. Hawkeye Access supports all sites such right from Facebook, Google to Instagram and YouTube.

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How it works

With Hawkeye Access app, the cursor should show up (goes without saying, accurately) where you are looking at on the screen. iOS users can look at a button or link to highlight it. You can select the text by smiling, blinking or holding your gaze. You can scroll by looking at the edge of your iPhone. You can go back by looking at the left side of your iPhone. Similarly, you can get back to your iPhone's home screen by looking at the bottom right corner of your iPhone. Hawkeye Access allows users to customise sensitivity, configure timing and more. The app recommends users to control websites using its eye-tracking feature while sitting down.

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