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Microsoft Teams Bugs Bounty: Earn Upto $30,000 With The Microsoft Bug Bounty Program

Microsoft Teams has been introduced to the Microsoft Bug Bounty Program, where analysts can earn up to $30,000 for locating vulnerabilities. Read on.

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Since the arrival of the pandemic, the world has adopted a virtual working culture. Most organizations conduct the maximum amount of their business virtually. Microsoft has understood the demand for a virtual platform for these organizations and has provided them with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams works to add more features and updates to provide more accessibility and better functioning of the application. Many people wish to learn more about the Microsoft Bug Bounty Program.

Microsoft Bug Bounty Program

Every application faces some bug or issue that hinders the smooth functioning of the application. Microsoft Teams is no stranger to bugs and issues, and they work towards fixing them by updates and patches to the application. Locating teams bugs has become one of the top priorities for Microsoft. Microsoft emphatically accepts close organizations with analysts to make clients safer. Security scientists assume a basic part in the environment by finding weaknesses missed in the product improvement measure.

In the event that a security scientist has discovered a weakness in a Microsoft item, administration, teams bugs, or gadget Microsoft wants to hear for them. On the off chance that their weakness report influences an item or administration that is inside the extent of one of the bounty programs, the finder may get a bounty reward as per the program depictions. Regardless of whether it isn't covered under a current bounty program, Microsoft will freely recognize the analyst’s commitments when they fix the weakness. All weakness entries are included in the Researcher Recognition Program and leaderboard, regardless of whether they meet all requirements or not for the bounty reward.

Microsoft makes Teams a Top Priority

Microsoft has made the Teams application a top priority by incorporating it in the Bug Bounty Program. Users know that Microsoft is quite series with people finding more vulnerabilities in the application as the organization is willing the awards the finders with cash rewards from $5,000 to $30,000. Any analyst that finds a vulnerability that is causing issues to the smooth functioning of the application can report it and expect to earn a handsome reward.

Microsoft understands that the world now functions virtually through video conferencing applications. It knows how crucial it is for these applications to work properly so that the day-to-day work of the organizations doesn’t get affected. The Teams Bug Bounty Program will help Microsoft fix most bugs and issues that have been plaguing the application.

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