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Mothers Day 2019: 5 Top Apps To Stay In Touch With Your Mother While Retaining That Personal Touch 

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Mother’s Day 2019 is just around the corner
  • Chekc out the atop apps which you can use to stay in touch with your mother

Mother’s Day 2019 (Mothers Day 2019) is just around the corner, and like always you are in awe of the most important person in your life. But, in case you are living away from your mother and are desirous of conveying your wishes/greetings; but are not able to personally make it, then it definitely does a world of good for you to check out the five top apps that let you keep in touch with your mother not only during the Mother’s Day 2019 festive season but also throughout your stay away from your mother. These are any day better than the conventional voice calls which are a mere formality. 

Top 5 free apps to keep in touch with your mother, on Mother's Day 2019, and afterward as well 

Here, remember that the below Mother’s Day apps are simple ones and no-frills; we seriously want to rid of all the huge-tech jargons here. Check out these apps below: 

  • Google Duo: One of the most fundamental apps that you would require to stay in touch, with your mother, across continents, is a video calling app and we think that Google Duo fits this bill perfectly. The app, free for download, offers the “Knock Knock” notification for incoming calls. You could also leave a video message for your mother to call you back, or vice-versa. Google Duo can be downloaded from , here
  • WhatsApp/Telegram/ShareChat: Instant messaging apps like ShareChat, WhatsApp, and Telegram are the best ways to post all sorts of genuine content for your mother. You could let your mother now about your current status, share quotes, and spread happiness at any time of the day; thus staying connected always. When you are online, on these instant messengers, your mother could also share what is in her mind at any given point in time. You could download WhatsAppTelegram, and ShareChat from the Google Play Store.  
  • Hello Network: Developed by Orkut Buyukkokten, popular for the erstwhile Orkut, which was probably one of the earliest social networks, Hello is available for download from Google Play. With this, you could potentially unleash the more social side of you – the one which your mother is unfamiliar about. Healthy usage of social network platforms by adding your mother as a contact, then there is potential for you to create magic. Also, you could introduce your mother to communities that she could potentially enjoy interacting with and thereby share common interests.  
  • Zoom Cloud Meetings: These are also for the general everyday users, apart from that of the business community. Add members of your family – up to a hundred and share whatever you have got. This should help you connect not only your mother, but also other members of your family scattered across the world (and sometimes locally as well). Zoom Cloud Meetings is available for download from, here
  • Zomato: The other best thing which you could do to keep in touch with your mother is to send her food she loves; food delivery and restaurant aggregator apps are the best way to resort to this practice. Order food for your mother and get it delivered with a personal not for this Mother’s Day. This should do you a world of good. Zomato is available to download, here

Finally, you have the top apps to burn rifts/bridges with your mother; these are independent of the likes of the common ones such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all of which undoubtedly do a good job in keeping in touch with loved ones, but now have serious and secure competition.  Before you go, Mother's Day 2019 falls on 12 May.

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