New Sureshot Shotgun In Apex Legends Comes To The Fore Again: Is There A Future Release Lined Up For The Weapon

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Apex Legends could now get an update introducing a Shotgun
  • This is even rumoured to be the Sureshot Shotgu

Apex Legends which recently received the Season 1 Battle Pass unlocking Octane, could now get an update introducing a Shotgun. This is even rumoured to be the Sureshot Shotgun.

As per renowned Apex Legends tipster going by the YouTube moniker Slick, who quotes a leaked voice clip (in a new YouTube video) that features the Apex Legend Bangalore making mentions about the Sureshot Shotgun while pinging Shotgun Ammo about new weapons hitting the game. This was apparently observed in the recent Season 1 Battle Pass. Even other tipsters have reported this, through social forums.

Now, the above aspects definitely evoke interest among Apex Legends players who have been expecting the arrival of a Shotgun from a while now. Here, though these are not confirmed, they represent significant aspects as far as potentially bettering gameplay is concerned.

Also, the L-Star weapon is also rumoured to be released to the game in the near future. This is a light machine gun (LMG); it certainly makes sense for the “expected” Sureshot Shotgun to also seed along with this weapon. Do share your thoughts on the Shotgun to Apex Legends.

In related updates, the Octane character is no playable in Season 1 Battle Pass. This aspect is a USP of the new update. The Apex Legends: Season 1 Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins to unlock. The entire Battle Pass bundle costs 2800 Apex Coins for unlocking. To avail the Season 1 Battle Pass, check out the official store in-game. There are rewards for buyers of Battle Pass as well.

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