No More Server Woes For PUBG Mobile Players In India: Could Pave Way For Imminent Release Of Update 0.11.0 Stable Version

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Login woes, in PUBG Mobile, are set to end
  • Folks at PUBG Mobile have taken up the issue, and a fix would be issued soon

For PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) players in India facing difficulties while logging in to the game, there is good news as these woes are set to go away for good very soon. Folks at PUBG Mobile have taken up the issue, and a fix would be issued soon.

Now, in an official tweet, PUBG Mobile India has acknowledged “server issues”; as the cause of trouble for players to sign-in to the game. Folks, here, have stated that they are currently hard at work on these issues which means that a fix would b on its way very soon - could be in a matter of a very a few hours from now.

With the server woes gone for good, it could then be time for PUBG Mobile India to release the most important update 0.11.0 public version that introduces zombies into the game. Hence, the above development also serves as indications to the fact that the zombies mode could only be hours away from being seeded to PUBG Mobile gamers in India.

At this juncture, PUBG Mobile has released a second official teaser  - throwing enough official hints at the zombies mode plus a host of other “important” enhancements being launched at the real earliest.

In other PUBG related updates, the PC Version of the game called PUBG Lite that takes core PUBG experiences to even low-end computer gamers across the world is now rolling out to additional Asian regions. This brings the Erangel map to PCs.

In summary, there are two important updates to PUBG Mobile - one is the addressing of server issues (to ensure potential stability), and the other is the seeding of the update 0.11.0 itself; these could account for additional USPs for PUBG in case it has to take on the mobile version of Apex Legends which is also rumoured to be launched in the near future.

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