Now You Can Stream Some Netflix Videos Right Within WhatsApp


WhatsApp has extended its video streaming support to Netflix's trailer videos. Last year, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature to allow streaming from some sources

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Updated On:

WhatsApp has secretly extended its video streaming support to Netflix's trailer videos. Last year, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature that allowed users to play videos from specific sources like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram right within the app itself. This way, users don't have to switch from WhatsApp to other services to watch videos, therefore decreasing the bounce rate and increasing the user-engagement of Facebook's messaging app. While it was obvious that WhatsApp would extend its in-app video streaming ability to support more sources and video streaming platforms in the future, it appears WhatsApp has already implemented a feature to let users play trailer videos for Netflix shows and movies.

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You can't stream full shows and movies -- at least for now, for obvious reasons. Netflix is a subscribers-only video streaming service. Meaning, only those paying a monthly subscription fee to be able to stream Netflix shows, movies and documentaries will be able to stream Netflix videos legally. But it doesn't always applicable to, let's say, trailers and promo teasers. Why? Because they are anyway available on YouTube and other social media websites to attract potential subscribers. So, in a nutshell, Netflix doesn't really have anything to lose here even if WhatsApp users stream trailer videos from its official website. Because right now, WhatsApp users can stream those same trailer videos from YouTube and other supported video platforms anyway.

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Can I stream full-length movies, episodes?

No, you can't stream full-length movies and episodes from Netflix because as we said earlier, it's only for subscribers. So you can't possibly stream those full-length videos even on the Netflix app or website without a sign in -- and a valid subscription, let alone WhatsApp. Also, even if WhatsApp and Netflix somehow come to terms in the future, allowing users to legally stream full-length videos on the messaging app -- with a proper authentication in place, of course -- why would Netflix even allow something like that in the first place? But since none of that has taken place yet, right now, we have nothing to worry about at all. Currently, this feature seems limited to WhatsApp for iOS and we don't know yet whether it's coming to Android anytime soon.

Wabetainfo has shared a few screenshots of this feature. Take a look:


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