PUBG For PS4: Has Preloading Now Started?

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  • PUBG for PS4 is hours away from being launched
  • PUBG gamers are anticipating Vikendi snow map

PUBG for PS4 is just hours away from being launched and seeded. At this juncture, the preloading of the game is said to have begun and gamers should be able to get this version on their consoles.

Now, rumour mills have stated that gamers would be able to auto download the PUBG for PS4 title; this means that you will need more than 25 GB of space within the hard drives of your Sony PS4 hardware.Hence, PS4 gamers having pre-ordered PUBG for PS4 can enable auto-download to check if the game is loading at this point in time.

However, the biggest notable point in this speculated development is the aspect about Vikendi snow map being a part of PUBG when the game is officially released for PS4 on December 7. As of now, it is known that the game would have three maps viz Miramar, Sanhok, and Erangel; not too long ago rumour mills were abuzz with Vikendi snow map being incorporated within the PS4 PUBG edition.  

WIth regard to Vikendi, it now seems that gamers would have to wait a little longer to check out the most expected map; this development is courtesy an official PlayStation blog post which stated that on December 7 the PS4 variant of PUBG would come with the above maps (these officially stated). There are no mentions of Vikendi in this blog post.

Nonetheless, gamers having pre-ordered PUBG for PS4 could keep eyes and ears open as far as Vikendi is concerned, as the map is also expected (by players) to come with a new Night Mode and snow-like custom weather. There could be major developments very shortly as far as enhancements to PUBG are concerned.

At this juncture, the stage is seemingly set for PUBG PS4 to officially seed to gamers (having pre-ordered as well as newly purchasing) across the world. Players could also share thoughts and insights with us regarding a potential surprise by PlayerUnknown with respect to launching Vikendi on December 7.

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