PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Release: New Bonus Challenge, Redemption Of Newer Battle Coins, And More Aspects Could Hit Game Very Soon


Update 0.11.0 is said to introduce a new Bonus Challenge to PUBG Mobile that reportedly lets players redeem battle coins (BC) for rewards and in-game currency.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PUBG Mobile is all set to get the update 0.11.0  that introduces the most-important zombies mode to the game; now, there seems to be another Bonus Challenge repotedly slated to be introduced by the update that lets players convert battle coins (BC)  into unknown currency (UC). The update 0.11.0 is apparently all set to seed to PUBG Mobile in the very near future.

Now, with respect to the Bonus Challenge, renowned PUBG tipster going by the YouTube moniker of Mr Ghost Gaming via a YouTube video has attempted to demystify bonus challenge and throw light on redeeming BC to UC in update 0.11.0. Check out below the various aspects of the bonus challenge, and BC to UC redemption.

To start off with, there would be a custom challenge called the Bonus Challenge; similar to the conventional Crew Challenge (though working differently, but still a challenge for players to complete). Mr Ghost Gaming also states that the aim of the Bonus Challenge would be to earn bonus coins and redeem these for rewards. Hence, the topmost priority for you would be to collect battle coins in the update 0.11.0. To get started, the tipster adds that you would need to register as either Novice, Adept, and Expert.

Once the match is over, your tally of battle coins would be evaluated and you could navigate to the custom Shop to redeem these for rewards that include unknown currency. The key aspect to remember during registrations is that you should pitch in as a single self-centric player; and not with your entire squad.

Then, while you resort to playing the update 0.1.0 modes, you would earn a point for each killing. Mr Ghost Gaming informs that each killing would amount to accumulating of 15 battle coins; with each battle coin being equivalent to that of one point. These custom BCs can be redeemed in the custom shop for a lost of fun things (for gameplay).

Points also vary according to the different modes; in the expert mode, each kill reportedly fetches as many as 45 points while the adept mode is said to fetch 30 points per kill. These should then be accordingly traded for redeeming gifts/bonuses.

Finally, the above aspects do enough to raise excitements amongst PUBG Mobile players hence making the still yet to be released Update 0.11.0 the cynosure of eyes (including the current update 0.11.0 beta). Do share your insights on the expectations with respect to the newer beta to the game.

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