PUBG Mobile Names And Shames Cheaters, Escape Ban-related Hassles Now


Now, the battle-royale title is strict about the way you play.

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PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly getting a multitude of updates of late. But with these new updates, there are always possibilities of players resorting to using unofficial short-cuts and hacks to progress within the ranks. Now, the battle-royale title is strict about the way you play.  

Hackers are named and shamed

PUBG Mobile has now adapted a new detection mechanism to identify cheats and hackers. Such cheaters are banned for 10 years. Their PUBG Mobile IDs would be banned. Along with being identified, hackers would even be named and shamed on public forums. There is a new list now of these hackers who are named and shamed.  

As per newer statistics (hacking-related), almost 3100 servers in Asia have been identified as dubious. The top reason given by PUBG, as accounting for bans (for 10 years) is “Modification of Area Damage”. “If you suspect that a player is cheating or using any means to improve their gameplay in a match unfairly, please use the in-game reporting system to notify us. We will investigate all such reports thoroughly, inform you of the findings,” states folks at PUBG Mobile in an official blog post, like always.  At this juncture, even players seem to be taking into the new curbs to stop hackers. Check out certain reactions, in this regard, below. 







Here, it is also worth understanding that you could get banned in case you resort to using unofficial third-party applications. Even shortcuts provided by third-party websites (non-genuine ones) are considered hacking and would warrant bans. Do resort to only considering official tips/tricks that PUBG Mobile itself advises sometimes for players to make use of and progress in the game.  

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