PUBG Mobile’s Fair And Ban Notice: Why Would You Face Bans? 


PUBG has now made public the Fair and Ban notice applicable to new cheaters during this month. Check out why you could get banned. It is not merely for hacks.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PUBG has now made public the Fair and Ban notice applicable to new cheaters during this month. Now, apart from the ban on cheaters, you should know why the game would ban you. It is not merely for simple hacks that you get to face bans for 10 years. It is also for a variety of reasons. Check these out below.  

Player ban in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile would be banning you for indulging in modification of area damage. This is the top reason for the game’s technical folks imposing 10-year bans on your PUBG Mobile ids. The second major reason for banning you is when you resort to altering the jump distance.  

The third top reason is when you try to modify the jump height and runtime game date. If you try to modify the character model also, you would be facing bans. The other top reasons for imposing bans are that of alteration to recoil in weapons, auto-aiming usage, using data modifiers, virtual apps, single point engagement, and obviously when you engage a third-party client to play the game.  

Also, the major servers, from where cheats are reported, are reportedly located in Asia followed by that in the European Union, and the Middle East. Hence, you should exercise proper caution and play the game as it is. You could refer to frequent official tips that are released by PUBG Mobile to better your in-game experiences. Otherwise you would be banned for 10 years along with being named-and-shamed.  

“We will randomly select a group banned cheaters and disclose information regarding their ranks, servers, and reasons for the ban,” states PUBG Mobile in an official blog post. 

In related news, PUBG Mobile is now getting the Rick Grimes permanent skin, due to the crossover between the game and The Walking Dead fiction series. Check out this new skin, now.  

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