PUBG: Rumoured Skins Within Vikendi Snow Map And Patch 24 Surface, Include Fce, Gas Mask, And More

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Vikendi Snow Map should now be live in the PUBG PC test servers
  • As many as 24 skins have 'surfaced' via datamining by tipsters

PUBG for PS4 which is now released and available to buy would likely be seeded Vikendi snow map from January 2019. Ahead of the release, apparent skins in Vikendi and the rumoured Patch 24 (update) have now surfaced and seemingly hint at the micro content aspects internally. As of now, Vikendi is available on the game’s test servers for computers.

Now, renowned game tipster Slick PUBG (and dataminer AllTheNewsIsGoodNews) via a new YouTube video has attempted to throw light on certain “leaked skins” of Vikendi. Check these aspects, out, below:

  • Various “leaked” skins are rumoured to come with the Vikendi event pass. At this juncture, there is no official confirmation on this.
  • Prominently visible among these is, a helmet skin that comes with a leaflet-like design towards the top right.
  • Then there are the pant, jacket, snow cap, a gun telescope, sunglass (having Vikendi inscribed at their sides), and the light machine gun skin
  • The most important skin is apparently the face-like skin that looks custom-made for military operations.
  • There is also a shotgun-like skin.
  • A gas mask-like skin should also be available for players

Now, the above represent only a section of these skins; there are as many as 24 skins which have surfaced. There are realistic possibilities of these being seeded with the Patch 24; and Vikendi Snow Map.

As far as the Patch 24 to PUBG is concerned, the update is rumoured to introduce a new ranking system, new parachuting system, anti-cheat system, and an updated user interface (UI). Here, it is also rumoured that the new rank system would accord preference to the number of kills and overall performance in addition to survival.

In related news, PUBG Mobile lost out to Florence in the Best Mobile Game of the Year category at The Game Awards 2018 held in Los Angeles, California. The Game of 2018 has been bagged by God of War. Did you expect PUBG Mobile to win, do share your thoughts and insights.

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