PUBG Update 26 Brings Zima, Flare Gun, And More: Check Out Now

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  • Update 26 brings some seemingly much needed enhancements to PUBG
  • Update 26 could hit public servers soon

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) could officially get the Update 26 introducing newer vehicles to Vikendi, along with a new weapon item. This update 26 is already live on test servers which means that it should now be only about time before the newer enhancements are seeded to players. If you are a PUBG loyalist, do check the game now on an intensive basis for the newer updates; but remember not to overindulge in PUBG by neglecting essential duties.

Now, the Update 26 that is now live on test servers brings along the Zima and Snowbike vehicles for Vikendi. Along with the vehicle,s there is also the Flare Gun weapon; now, USP of this announcement is the fact that newer vehicles have always been a requirement from a wider cross-section of players across the globe.

On their part, both the Zima as well as Snowbike replace the existing UAZ as well as the motorbikes in Vikendi. Folks at PUBG claim that the Zima would comparatively be not difficult to control in the snowy Vikendi terrains. The durability of the vehicle, during gameplay, however, deserves to be subject to real-world tests.  This logic holds good for the motorbike as well.

Then, with a Flare Gun also added as an enhancement, the weapon arsenal gets a theoretical boost. Apart from these features, there are also a host of other enhancements, fixes to known issues that should be a part of the Update 26.

Recently, PUBG was seeded Update 25 that introduced the Bizon SMG, Canted Sight, Snowbike, among other conventional enhancements, with the Erangel Crate.

In related PUBG updates, the PUBG Lite beta which introduces core PUBG experience on even low-end PCs is live n as many as 9 countries in Asia including the likes of Bangladesh, and Cambodia. Hence, we think that it should only be a matter of time before the major gaming geography India gets to check out PUBG Lite beta on PCs.

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