San Martin Yes, But There's Another Undiscovered Place In PUBG For Loot

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Published:


  • San Martin happens to be one of the popular locations in PUBG
  • Gatka is one of the most underrated places in PUBG

Seasoned PUBG players would realise the importance of the right drop point. Finding the right place to begin your battle is as important as finding the right gun, hideout, scope and vehicle. But since players often ignore these drop points, they sometimes end up getting killed too early. In PUBG, survival is the key, and to help survive long enough so that you can feel proud of your own PUBG scorecard, we have decided to take you on a quest for some of the best drop points in PUBG. Let’s check them out!

San Martin

San Martin happens to be one of the popular locations in PUBG. Players often ignore this location possibly due to buildings that seem like they are going to fall into pieces anytime. But what’s appealing about San Martin is the loot, which is why you would often find a lot of armed players trying to kill you. While the chances of weapon air-drop are less, San Martin is still one of the best places for those who participate in solo matches.

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Gatka is one of the most underrated places in PUBG. But if you pay enough attention, this place has everything that’s required for a “Chicken Dinner.” Although Gatka has a limited number of houses, you will find a significant amount of weapons, medkits and armors to loot. Gatka also has a truck wherein you can hide and carry a surprise attack, next to a vehicle for an emergency scoot.

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And of course, how can we even forget the overcrowded Pochinki? Despite the fact that Pochinki is among the best places for loot (and scoot), you need to be careful since there are chances of you facing a surprise attack from your opponents.