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Tesla Software Update 2021.4.15 Features: Tesla Theater, Cold Weather Improvements & More

Tesla software update 2021.4.15 features list. Here is all you need to know about the newly added features like Tesla Theater, Weather improvements & more. Read

tesla software update

Tesla software update

Elon Musk-owned popular electric vehicle organisation Tesla has been growing in the market quite extensively in the last few years. The company has managed to attract a lot of customers with its cool design ever-upgrading software system. However, a few hours back, Tesla released a new software update called the 2021.4.15 which has brought some really interesting changes in the system like Cold Weather Improvements, Tesla Theatre, Voice Recognition and much more. If you have been wondering about Tesla software update 2021.4.15 features, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.

Tesla software update 2021.4.15 features

Minor Cold Weather Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • This new Tesla update is available Worldwide and it brings additional enhancements to improve the overall experience of your Tesla vehicle in cold weather.

Voice Recognition Improvements

  • Available only in China, this incredible feature has been improved and now the Voice Recognition commands used for navigation, media searches, and phone calls will be done effectively. To initiate a voice command, press the voice recognition button on the steering wheel and begin speaking after the tone.

Tesla Theater

  • Currently, this feature is only made available only in China. Through this new Tesla feature, Musk lets you access the Douyin directly from the Tesla Theater app. To launch, tap the Entertainment icon in the Application Launcher and select Theater™ while your car is in PARK.

QQ Lyrics

  • The QQ Lyrics feature is also available only in China. Users can sing along to their favourite songs and artists on QQ Music. To display lyrics, tap the Karaoke icon on the right side of the Media Player.

Music Time Remaining over Bluetooth

  • Available worldwide not much has been added to the feature. Nevertheless, the time remaining is now displayed when streaming music over Bluetooth.

Additional Language Support

  • The UI is now available in additional languages and for all users worldwide. New languages added include Swedish and Slovenian.

Increased Regenerative Braking in Cold Weather

  • Available for worldwide users, the amount of regenerative braking available in colder temperatures appears to have greatly increased in this release. In temperatures of 30-40°F, many users are now seeing their cars remain with full regen braking available.

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