Watch Out PUBG, Fortnite: This New Game Could Be Your Biggest Competition

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Apex Legends is a FPS
  • Apex Legends is said to have on-boarded a million players within 8 hours of being launched

Players Unknown's Battlegrounds PUBG which has had its fair share of popularity in India could now potentially come in under competition from the newly released Apex Legends that also falls into the category of battle royale games whilst allowing players to play with exclusive teams without having to deal with the playing solo. PUBG allows you to play solo, and in teams.

The Apex Legends, by Respawn Entertainment - also creators of the popular Titanfall series, is available on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and PC for free with an Electronic Arts (EA) account. Click here to check out on playing the game now. As far as the in-game modes are concerned, Apex Legends offers three modes viz Legendary Characters, The Ultimate Squad, and Strategic Battle Royale.

Another USP of the new game is that it runs from a first-person-perspective (FPP) and is a shooter. There are as many as 8 playable in-game characters and you could form your squad from these players.

As of now, Apex Legends is said to have on-boarded a million players within 8 hours of being launched. Apex Legends also delves into the last-man (last team here)-standing aspect that is now familiar to battle royale gamers.  Then, there are the conventional details as well which could be explored by actually playing the game.

At this juncture, games like PUBG and Fortnite have undoubtedly taken gamers by storm across most countries of the world. The former has also made headlines in India for aspects like getting on top of Google Play ratings and making significant strides on the Apple App repository as well.

With Apex Legends now having launched and boosting the battle royal in-game segment (setting), it remains to be seen if the new title would indeed cause sleepless nights to PUBG, Fortnite. Do share your thoughts in this regard. Also, share your  Apex Legends gameplay experiences in the comments section below.

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