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What Is BitClout? Check Out The Latest Social Media Platform Developed On Blockchain

What is BitClout? BitClout is one of the latest viral social media sites that has popped up recently. The social media site has been made using blockchain.

what is bitclout

Source: BitClout Website

BitClout is one of the latest viral social media sites that has popped up in 2021. However, BitClout is unlike any other social media site, meaning it is developed on blockchain technology. Users and content creators also have the ability to earn lots of money using Bitclout. Read on to know more about what is Bitclout and how it functions. 

What is BitClout?

Essentially, BitClout is a social media platform where users can buy 'creator coins' or 'tokens' that are tied to certain celebrities, which can either be local or international. As fans of these celebrities buy their tokens, the value of these tokens rises up in price and falls as people sell off tokens. As per the BitClout website, the purpose of this project is to allow everyone to monetise their online presence and become a valuable influencer on the internet. So for instance, if there is a certain musician you like very much, you can support them by buying their coin or token. Eventually, as the price of the token multiplies, you can reap rewards by selling off the tokens and making a decent profit. 

About BitClout

There are a ton of investors who have invested in the venture and joined in as BitClout founder. As per Coindesk, Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), TQ Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Pantera Capital, and many others have already invested in BitClout. At the time of writing this article, BitClout has already earned more than 230 million dollars. BitClout is formed with the concepts of Twitter and cryptocurrencies combined. 

Celebrities and users can post messages on their timeline similar to how users can Tweet on Twitter. Users have a character limit of 280 for messages and the ability to attach photos and videos up to 2 MB. However, it must be noted that to interact or repost any users tweets, you have to use the coins you have purchased to do it.

Moreover, each user gets their own creator coin upon signing up. If you think a certain coin is going to go up in price, you can choose to invest in them and have the chance to make a profit. At the time of writing this article, the prices celebrities like Elon Musk stands at just above 68,000 dollars. Mr Beast's coin stands at 20,000 dollars. Many popular celebrities have already created their accounts on BitClout. You can check out more details about BitClout here on their official website. 

Image Source: BitClout Website 

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