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What Is Covid19World Tracker? What Are The Features Of This Coronavirus Tracker Website?

What is Covid19world tracker? Learn how the site works and what is special about this tracker website that makes it different from other similar sites

what is covid19world

People around the world are fighting against Coronavirus pandemic by staying at home and practising social distancing. The spread of information regarding the pandemic has become crucial for everyone to keep themselves safe. Many apps, websites, online heat maps and more have emerged lately to help people know the legitimate information about the spread of COVID-19. Covid19world tracker is one such website that provides accurate data about the virus and its expanse in the world.

What is Covid19world? 

Source ~ is an efficient Coronavirus tracker website that provides insights about its spread across the globe. It uses the location details of a person, providing them with a weather forecast of the capital city, as well. The site's interface is simple and formal, where the homepage of Covid19world tracker website showcases the current numbers on the spread of COVID-19 in the world. The site effectively provides data about the confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries.

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Apart from providing the world's status, the Covid19world tracker website displays a table with countries and the rise of the Coronavirus in them with information about the confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries. The site is distinct from COVID-19 world Maps like Microsoft's Bing Coronavirus Map. It provides detailed information about how the virus spreads, with symptoms and preventive measures. The online Coronavirus tracker also gives an insight on 'Dos and Donts' and how to wash hands. The simple interface of the website allows one to find trending news about the expanse of Coronavirus as per their location. 

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The Coronavirus cases around the globe have crossed the bar of 722664 confirmed cases. This hazardous virus has caused the world with 33983 loss of life. Currently, in India, 1024 Coronavirus cases have been confirmed with a death toll of 27 people. However, the country has managed to recover 95 patients from the dangers of COVID-19, according to Covid19world tracker. 

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