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What Is Ayush Kavach App? Learn About Its Key Features & Where To Download

What is Ayush Kavach app? Here is everything you need to know about the key features of Ayush Kavach app when it was launched, what it does and more.

what is the ayush kavach app

India is under the third phase of the lockdown till May 17 to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus in the country. Many apps and websites have been launched by several state governments and the central government to help the citizens in every way possible. Where some apps were Coronavirus tracker apps such as Aarogya Setu, other apps helped aid other facilities in the country. On the same lines, the UP Government led by CM Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched a new application called Ayush Kavach which will prove as a medium to provide health-related information amid COVID-19. Here is everything you need to know about what is the Ayush Kavach app.

What is the Ayush Kavach app?

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The Ayush Kavach app is an initiative taken by the Uttar Pradesh government to provide health-related tips about ayurvedic medicines amid the coronavirus pandemic to boost the immunity of the people. The app was launched by the UP CM Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday i.e. May 5. The mobile software was developed by the Ayush Department of UP to overcome the spread of COVID-19 health crisis.

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According to the UP CM, in order to fight viruses like Coronavirus, a person needs to have a strong immune system. He said that the ayurvedic medicines and yoga mentioned in the Ayush Kavach app will help users build an ultimate immunity that can fight any viruses. The explanation regarding the ayurvedic medicines and yoga in this health-related application are in simple and easy words which can be understood by anyone. The CM, while launching the app on Tuesday, said that the ancient traditions of India contain an enormous amount of facts and tips to boost the immunity of a person.

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Key features of the Ayush Kavach app?

This new Ayush Kavach app is laced with many incredible features such as Live YOGA sessions for different age group users e.g kids, adults, elderly people, pregnant women. The app also delivers sections such as Office stress Management yoga protocol, and many more that provide an extensive list of yogas for a person to manage stress. The app also contains general information and precautionary measures that will help the user to understand how to protect themselves from the COVID-19 crisis.

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Ayush Kavach app download information

A person can easily download the Ayush Kavach app from the official website of the UP Government through the app link provided on the homepage. Apart from the website, this application is also available on the Google Play store for people to download it anytime they want. The size of this app is just 16MB and it requires Android version 5.0 or above to run on a smartphone.

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