Amazon Prime Users Get Gaming Perks Like PUBG In-game Enhancements


Amazon Prime Members can now check out unlocking of newer content in the form of in-game loot for popular PUBG Mobile. The free items are offered as “drops".

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Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Members can now check out unlocking of newer content in the form of in-game loot for the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile). The PUBG Mobile loot drops, for Amazon Prime subscribers are applicable to users of both Google Android as well as Apple iOS platforms. The free items would be offered as “drops”. These drops are already underway within the game.  

Newer PUBG Mobile loot items 

The newer loot items, for Amazon Prime members, include the likes of Infiltrator Mask (now active), Infiltrator Shoes, Infiltrator Jacket with Gloves, Infiltrator Pants, Black Magma Parachute, and Blood Oath – Kar98k weapon. Amazon Prime subscribers could claim the free in-game loot every month. This includes the likes of free Twitch Prime Games as well, that come with the Amazon Prime games.  To redeem the above free games, open the PUBG Mobile application (app). Have your Amazon and Twitch accounts linked. After you have an Amazon Prime subscription, the free in-game loot should unlock dynamically. These offers are global. Check out now for the above newer items of loot. 

PUBG Mobile Lite

In related PUBG-news, the custom PUBG Mobile Lite version is now getting the Golden Woods update. The newer update also introduces newer weapons. Primarily, Golden Woods offers new “sub-places” for checking out newer loot. Then, there are the other new enhancements such as the new arcade mode, and newer vehicles such as the UAZ (unconventional vehicle). As far as newer weapons are concerned, there are the QBZ, QBU, and PP-19 weapons. These Golden Woods, with the newer enhancements, are found within the Update 0.14.1 to PUBG Mobile Lite. This is now seeding across India. USP of PUBG Mobile Lite is its ability to offer core PUBG experiences even within smartphones having less than 2GB of RAM under-the-hood.  

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