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Blue Star AC Error Codes List: What Do The Blue Star AC Error Codes Mean? Find Out

Blue Star is one of the most popular companies that provide ACs around the world. Here is the Blue Star AC error codes list to help you identify problems.

Source: Blue Star Website

Blue Star AC is one of the most popular air conditioners used in India and around the world by thousands of people. Often, these ACs run into technical problems where they can stop functioning or not function properly. When such an error happens, the AC screen or the AC remote displays an error code. This error code can help consumers to determine what the problems with their AC are. Read on to see the complete Blue Star AC error codes list. 

Blue Star AC Error Codes List 

Whenever Blue Star ACs throw up error codes on the screen, the consumers have no idea what these error codes mean. If the consumers know what the error codes mean they can help to diagnose the problem in their AC. We have compiled a list of all Blue Star AC error codes and what they mean for your convenience. If the consumers know the problems they are facing, they can relay accurate information to the maintenance team or repair the AC unit themselves. Here is the complete list of Blue Star AC Error Codes. 

  • E0 - IDU EEPROM error
  • E1 - ODU coil medium-high error
  • E2 - IDU coil frozen protection
  • E4 - Discharge temperature high error
  • E5 - AC input over current protection
  • E6 - Communication error
  • E8 - Zero crossing error
  • EE - ODU EEPROM error
  • EC - Refrigerant leak detection
  • F1 - Indoor room temperature sensor error
  • F2 - IDU coil temperature sensor error
  • F3 - Ambient temperature sensor error
  • F4 - ODU coil temperature sensor error
  • F5 - ODU discharge temperature sensor error
  • P3 - Drive phase current overload fault
  • P4 - DC bus bar high voltage and low voltage protection
  • P7 - IPM error
  • P5 - Compressor phase current protection
  • P8 - IPM over high-temperature protection
  • PH - AC over-voltage and under-voltage protection
  • L1 - Drive phase voltage overload protection
  • L2 - Drive phase voltage over low protection
  • L3 - Outdoor DC fan fault
  • L4 - Phase current sampling abnormal
  • LC - Compressor out of step fault
  • LC - Compressor startup failure
  • H6 - IDU fan motor error

If your AC unit is suffering from serious problems, it is advised that you should contact Blue Star Customer Service. You can find the contact details for Blue Star on their official website linked here. Stay tuned for more helpful updates on tech. 

Image Source: Blue Star Website

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