CES 2019: Holabot Food-delivery Robot Uses AI To Interact With Humans And Even Recognise Their Faces

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  • Holabot is an IoT-powered smart food-delivery robot, which can take elevators by itself
  • Holabot has what it takes to emerge as a human-robot interaction system

In what could be the future of food delivery, Holabot meal-delivery robots are being showcased at the on-going CES 2019. Holabot measures 547 x 407 x 673mm in dimensions, which it says is comparatively smaller and more compact than what its competitors offer.

What's more, Holabot is also an IoT-powered smart robot, which can take elevators by itself. Its elevator control module and multi-floor navigation algorithm can help it navigate itself to the designated floor.

Best of CES 2019

Holabot has what it takes to emerge as a human-robot interaction system. It uses AI speech interaction and facial recognition. In their official press release, here is what the company has to say:

"It may tell the direction of human faces with RGBD camera and elevate its screen to the height at which users feel comfortable to operate it; users can unlock its cabin with facial recognition. In addition, there are automated trays within the cabin that will elevate themselves for users to fetch. In short, Holabot optimises both user experience and delivery security."

Holabot uses LiDAR, RGBD camera, ultrasonic sensors ad various other algorithms and technologies to detect obstacles. The company explains it can pass through a 0.6m wide aisle and circumvent obstacles quickly, and its maximum speed reaches 2m/s.

Since it supports multi-robot dispatch system, Holabot can coordinate with up to 100 other robots at the same time. It can collect path traffic information and share it with other working robots, courtesy of cloud computing.