Elon Musk Unveiling Cybertruck Next-gen Vehicle On 21 November


Tesla is now all geared up to reveal its Cybertruck electric pickup truck on 21 November. This announcement by Musk has taken netizens by storm. Check out now.

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Tesla is now all geared up to reveal its Cybertruck electric pickup truck on 21 November. This has now been confirmed by Elon Musk via micro-blogging site Twitter. The unveiling event would be held at Los Angeles close to the SpaceX rocket factory.

Musk's Cybertruck on 21 November  

Now, this announcement by Musk has seemingly taken both Twitterati as well as Tesla/SpaceX loyalists by storm. The excitement seems so high considering the fact that some of the Twitterati are eager to know if this Cybertruck could even be sent into space. However, as of now, neither an image nor the technical specification of this new electric pickup truck is official. Check out Musk’s tweet below, along with that of a few hilarious ones from Twitterati. 





At this juncture, the name Cybertruck sounds futuristic, its key technical specifications are set to come to the fore on 21 November. Here, it is worth remembering that Musk who recently took a break from social media has still been posting on Twitter despite not at the frequency as before. He also recently tweeted with the SpaceX Tarlink Satellite Link to the surprise of followers/loyalists. Musk's tweets also went viral at that point in time very quickly. Click here to check out Musk's happiness expressed through the tweet (via the link from the Starlink Satellite). For the uninitiated, Starlink is developed by Musk’s SpaceX in order to create next-gen space-based modules/systems for communication. Musk's tweets potentially indicate that a system could exist wherein space-based communications would also potentially be the order of the day.

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