IOS 13 With Dark Mode, iPadOS, watchOS 6 With App Store, MacOS Catalina And More: Apple’s Biggest Announcements From WWDC 2019 

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  • Everything from the iPhone to the iPad, from the Apple Watch to the Mac, and tvOS got their ceremonious updates
  • It won’t be wrong to say that WWDC 2019 was probably one of the best WWDC events in years

Apple’s annual WWDC keynote has always been all about new software, and as business as usual, the Cupertino major announced a slew of new software at WWDC 2019 on Monday as well. Everything from the iPhone to the iPad, from the Apple Watch to the Mac, and tvOS got their ceremonious updates – a consumer release will happen this fall, which is in September. 

This year, Apple also had a hardware surprise up its sleeve. Apple announced the long-awaited Mac Pro refresh – for creatives.  

It won’t be wrong to say that WWDC 2019 was probably one of the best WWDC events in years. 

Here’s a quick look at Apple’s biggest announcements from WWDC 2019: 

  • iOS 13 with dark mode: The next version of iOS, aka iOS 13, will bring a dedicated dark mode to the iPhone and iPad. Being a system-wide dark mode means users will be able to experience it across the length and breadth of the UI – right from the dock to native apps. Apple is also opening the feature to third-party developer who can also integrate dark mode into their apps. The feature will no doubt be more useful (and catchier) in Apple’s OLED toting iPhones where it will also help reduce battery strain, extending battery life in the process. The effect will be less pronounced on LCD toting iPhones like the iPhone XR though. 
  • iPadOS: The iPad is getting its own operating system, aka iPadOS. iPadOS is basically iOS 13 plus new iPad-specific features. Some of these new features include, desktop-class browsing on Safari on iPad with native download manager, an even more granular files app with iCloud Drive support for folder sharing, native support for external drives and more deep-down Apple Pencil integration. Only thing the iPad needs now is a good keyboard with cursor support, and this thing can replace - even kill - all ultra-notebooks including Apple’s own entry-level MacBook Air. 
  • WatchOS 6 with app store: watchOS 6 which is the next major update to watchOS, brings a host of new capabilities to the Apple Watch. But the real stand-out feature coming to the Apple Watch with the watchOS 6 update is its own App Store. This means users will be able to view, download and install third-party apps on their Apple Watch right from their wrist without an iPhone. With watchOS 6, Apple is inching closer to making the Apple Watch a stand-alone device independent of the iPhone.  
  • macOS Catalina: The next version of macOS is called macOS Catalina. There’s a lot to love about macOS Catalina – particularly, Apple’s push for bringing iPad apps to the Mac through Project Catalyst. But Catalina will be remembered for when iTunes was finally laid to rest. In macOS Catalina, Apple is replacing iTunes with three stand-alone apps, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. For syncing your devices, you'll now use the macOS Finder. 
  • tvOS 13: The next version of tvOS, aka tvOS 13 will bring support for multiple profiles, PlayStation/Xbox controllers and Apple Music integration to the Apple TV. 
  • Sign in with Apple: Sign in with Apple uses your iOS device’s Face ID authentication to securely log into different apps and services – so you’ll not need to give in your Google or Facebook credentials. There will also be an option to hide your email address from these apps and services, in which case, Apple will generate a random email account for you – that will forward their information to your actual email, while hiding your real email from them.   
  • Mac Pro: After admitting the 2013 Mac Pro was a mistake, Apple is going old-school again. The 2019 Mac Pro brings both modularity and flexibility to Apple’s highest-end Mac computer designed for creatives who want only the best in hardware – and its design is a throwback to Apple’s cheese grater look. There’s plenty of power on-board here – with up to 28 core Intel Xeon processor, up to a whopping 1.5TB RAM, up to eight PCI Express slots, and up to 300W of power. There are three large fans and a blower so “it can run unconstrained at full power at all times.” Apple is also launching a 32-inch 6K Retina Pro Display XDR monitor to go along with the Mac Pro 2019. While the Mac Pro starts at $5,999, the Pro Display XDR costs $4,999. Apple will be also selling a Pro stand for $999. Damn right, the Mac Pro will cost you a fortune. It’s only befitting Apple is also adding wheels as an option.    

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