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These Are Samsung’s Upcoming Truly Wireless Galaxy Buds

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Published:


  • Samsung is gearing to launch the Galaxy S10 trio of phones on February 20
  • The Galaxy S10 will be accompanied by the Galaxy Buds

Samsung is gearing to launch the Galaxy S10 trio of phones on February 20. The Galaxy S10 will be accompanied by the Galaxy Buds, Samsung’s truly wireless earbuds that will ideally replace the existing Gear IconX. After making a brief appearance at certification website FCC, a purported promotional image of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds has leaked online leaving nothing to the imagination. The leak seemingly comes from the same source that has been leaking official-looking renders of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy s10E, for a while now. Much to Samsung’s dismay. 

Now, we do not guarantee the authenticity of the new leak, but it does fall in line with all on-going rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Which means, we might be looking at the real deal. Or something very close to it. The leak also goes to confirm a very key feature of the upcoming Galaxy S10 phones that too has been subject of rumour mills in the past. 

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In the purported promotional image, the alleged Galaxy Buds rest comfortably on top of what appears to be either the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ (the phone the image has three rear cameras, and the Galaxy S10E is expected to come with dual rear cameras). The LED light on the case of the Galaxy Buds is on, which means that, it is charging. Wirelessly. The Gear IconX charges through USB Type-C only, but looks like, the Galaxy Buds will pack both. The Galaxy Buds will in fact be the first Samsung wireless earbuds to support wireless charging if the leak is anything to go by. 

Since the Galaxy Buds are seen charging up-top a Galaxy S10, it also indicates that the Galaxy S10 will feature reverse wireless charging. A recent FCC filing has already confirmed that the Galaxy S10 will support 9W reverse wireless charging feature.  

This means that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be able to act as a wireless charging mat for other compatible devices like smartwatches and smartphones. It’s safe to say you can add the Galaxy Buds to that list as well. We’ve already seen Huawei toy around with reverse wireless charging in its premiere Mate 20 Pro, but it seems it is still very early days for it. The version inside the Huawei Mate 20 Pro isn’t exactly ideal to comfortably charge compatible devices. It is slow and takes some time getting used to as far as positioning of devices is concerned. Samsung’s 9W reverse wireless charging seems faster (at least on paper) even though Huawei does not quote numbers for its own take.   

Coming back to the Samsung Galaxy Buds, their hardware specifications are scarce for now, although some reports hint at Bluetooth 5 support and improved battery life over the outgoing model.

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