WATCH: Matchmaking Robots Help Single Men And Women Get Married, Anyone Interested?

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Published:


  • Single men and women in Japan have discovered a new method for finding a life partner - Robots
  • As a result, now matchmaking robots help adults get married

Single men and women in Japan have discovered a new method for finding a life partner - Robots. As a result, now matchmaking robots help adults get married. A recent event in Japan's capital Tokyo gathered marriage-seeking, single men and women to let them communicate with each other using these tiny robots.

In short, these tiny little robots help all these single men and women indulge in a meaningful conversation, especially those who feel too anxious to converse on their own. This way, these robots act as a messenger between men and women. Therefore, they can introduce themselves without having to worry about anything else.

The Japan News first reported about the event. For Japanese people, Marriage-hunting events are not uncommon in Japan. Infact, they seem to have become common since the early 2000s. This particular event, meanwhile, completely redefines the way we introduce to our prospective life partner.

Hosted by the Tokyo-based Contents innovation Program (CiP) Association, the event gathered 28 men and women between the ages 25 and 39. CiP is known for developing artificial intelligence (AI).

The Japan News quoted Ryunosuke Takahashi, CiP's executive director, as saying that people who may be conversationally challenged benefit from these robots when it comes to interacting with others, especially when it comes to 'marriage hunting.'

Marriage-hunting events are essentially speed-dating events, except their motive is not to help you score that perfect date but connect you with prospective husband or wife. Perhaps that is what makes people anxious about marriage-related conversations in the first place.

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"Thanks to the robot, I wasn't really nervous," said one participant.

"It was easy because the robot explained everything about me, and I didn't have to say anything during multiple interactions," said another.

Participants gave all their information about themselves, which was later uploaded to these robots. Participants answered many questions including their current job and interest. The event successfully matched 4 couples out of 28 participants.

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