5G To Get Showcased Before The Year Ends In The US: Any Guesses On The Practical Internet Speeds?

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  • AT&T 5G service begins to select individuslas from December 21
  • The speed of these services needs to be subject to real world tests

5G wireless technology has now seemingly seen the light of day in the United States of America(US) via wireless service provider AT&T which claims that its custom 5G network is already live in multiple cities such as San Antonio, Houston, Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC, Louisville, New Orleans, Texas, Indianapolis, and Jacksonville. At this point in time, 5G coverage in these cities, over AT&T’s networks deserve intense real-world tests; coverage could also be limited as of now.

If you happen to reside in the above cities, then AT&T also has a 5G Netgear Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot, for you to experience a claimed 5G+ network; devices would also be offered to test out the 5G+ network to AT&T subscribers toll-free; these subscribers would be chosen ones and select businesses. The 5G mobile devices would be offered free for 90 days; post which in 2019  the Nighthawk mobile hotspot would be available for commercial purchase for $499 (Rs 35000 roughly) with 15GB bundled data.

AT&T has also stated that it would begin the above services from December 21; in case you manage to lay your hands on the carrier’s 5G hotspot device, do check out the speed and share thoughts and insights on your internet experience on 5G network. At this juncture, it is worth noting that the 5G ecosystem could mature by Q3 2019 and the new wireless standard could tak till at least 2020 to begin commercially (and widely) in India.

As far as 5G-compatible smartphones are concerned, brands viz Samsung and LG are highly rumoured to take the lead and showing off handsets at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019). These devices are speculated to be “demo handsets” and not live ones. Hence, it deserves a tad greater patience (till Q2 2019) to check out how the current system of mobile devices synchronize with 5G standards.

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