Apple IPhone recovered from River After 15 Years, Works, Check Video


A scuba diver found an Apple iPhone underwater in a waterproof case, and the phone still worked. This video has been going viral. Check out the whole video.

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A scuba diver found an Apple iPhone underwater in a waterproof case, and the phone still worked. An interesting thing here is that this iPhone reached the depths of the river fifteen months ago in 2018. This was also handed over, by the diver – also a YouTuber, to its original owner. This video has also been going viral ever since it was released. Check it out below.  

The viral video of the "Great iPhone Recovery"

This Youtuber, who mined the depths of an unknown river in the United States of America (USA), goes by the YouTube moniker nuggetnoggin (Michael Bennett). He dived deep into the river to find an iPhone held within a waterproof casing. In fact, even before undertaking the dive, nuggetnoggin was in the hope of finding a smartphone (even an iPhone – as indicated in a pre-dive conversation with his friends). When the iPhone was opened, the handset was surprisingly dry. Also, when plugged in to charge, the recovered iPhone sprang to life.  

This iPhone was also seemingly returned to its rightful owner. The YouTuber inserted the SIM-card (also intact) into another phone and made a few calls to find out the owner of the iPhone. The owner confirmed in the video that she had dropped the handset into the river more than a year ago. In summary, this incident is truly out-of-the-box, and more than the iPhone working, the credit goes to the waterproof casing that protected the device for greater than an year. Check out this unconventional-yet happy ending video of the dropped iPhone being recovered in a river and returned to its owner. We sincerely hope that occurrences like the above take place in India as well. There has been a huge number of people, of late, losing phones mostly by accidentally dropping them into water (lakes, streams, and rivers).  

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