CES 2019: Amazon Alexa Speaks Out Of Turn During Qualcomm's Keynote Session And It Didn't Have Anything Nice To Say


CES 2019: Amazon Alexa Speaks Out Of Turn During Qualcomm's Keynote Session And It Didn't Have Anything Nice To Say

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In a seeming case of what potentially could be in store as far as overlooking even minor nuances within artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned, Amazon Alexa is said to have spoken out of turn during a CES 2019 keynote.

Now, the personal digital assistant (PDA) reportedly blurted out “No, That’s Not True,” when a speaker was presenting a concept during a CES 2019 keynote. As per a Geekwire report, this keynote involved Qualcomm when the company held a keynote involving integration of Amazon Alexa and the capabilities of the AI. During this presentation, the PDA apparently said, “No, that’s not true.” It is not known whether this speaking out of turn by Amazon Alexa caused embarrassment to Qualcomm officials.

In this regard, enthusiasts could let us know their thoughts on the reported Alexa response. The CES 2019 continues its impressive run where there have been multiple actual products launched rather than these being merely prototypes. Notable among these include an 88-inch LG TV, 5G integration within smartphones, powerful laptop from brands such as Asus and Dell, Intel 5G modem, and a host of gaming monitors.

The event is also slated to witness exclusive tracks focusing on “societal technology” aspects such as IoT, AI, ML, Data, Digital Health, Healthcare Tech, Smart Automotives, and 5G. At this juncture, it is worth noting that all of these represent elements that could cause a potential technology revolution and make society better where issues are tackled through technology rather than emotionally. The impact of these elements and models based on these could be hugely positive - especially for a society like India which holds enormous potential for data-driven models and the next digital disruption.

Finally, the CES 2019 also has a session on 6G and quantum computing where experts discuss the next big aspects as far as next-gen connectivity (even through the internet) is concerned.

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