Foldable Screens To Be The Next Big Thing In The Smartphone World, Thanks To Samsung And Google

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Published:


  • Samsung and Google are together working on foldable phones
  • Foldable device expected to launch early next year

Samsung finally broke the suspense and took the wraps off its rather futuristic foldable smartphone design during the company’s recent developer conference in San Francisco. Samsung termed this whole new foldable display technology “the Infinity Flex Display,” and as futuristic as it may sound, Samsung has earned a fairly decent amount of trust and loyalty around their smartphone displays particularly the “Infinity Display” that was initially introduced with the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

So, it totally made sense for Samsung to stick to the branding that has worked out well in favour of the company. And now they are looking to up the game with the all-new foldable display. Let’s now see what lies ahead in the future of Samsung’s foldable smartphones:

What Samsung’s new Infinity Flex Display technology is all about?

During the demo, Samsung was smart enough to dim the lights to an extent where it was impossible to get a glimpse of its design elements. All they revealed was a device that looked a lot like a tablet when unfolded. Once it was folded, it ended up looking like one thick slab having a shape of a smartphone. In a nutshell, it sports 7.3 inches full tablet-sized display that can be converted (or folded) into a smartphone.

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Furthermore, Samsung said that it can run up to three apps at the same time, courtesy of something they call multi-active window. Samsung is expected to start mass-producing the Infinity Flex Display in the “matter of months.” However, Samsung did not reveal the exact timeline.

Here is what Google has in store!

Search giant Google just announced a new category called “foldables” at its own Android Developer Summit. Google briefly talked about its plans to support foldable displays in the future. Looks like both Google and Samsung are in on this somewhat futuristic design for their smartphones and according to Google, they plan to launch the device “early next year.”

With top tech companies like Google and Samsung working on it, the future of foldable smartphones seems bright. If everything goes as per plan, foldable smartphones could be the next big thing in the smartphone world!