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Google Might Have Accidentally Leaked Its Biggest Pixel Upgrade Ever. Read More

Written By Anirudh Sunilkumar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Google's new leak might hint at wireless charging for the upcoming Pixel
  • It is also hinted to have a 'Pixel Stand' which would enable the phone to be used as a smart speaker
  • The new phone would have a bezel-less display with a notch that would have two cameras and a ear-piece, similar to that of iPhone X

Google's latest leak might have hinted sufficient features for us to predict how the new phone in its flagship model's line-up might be like. 

The news that was picked up by 9to5Google stated that the latest leak of the Google app might have hinted a ton of new features that would be available in the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL.

One of the biggest revelations is the most awaited wireless charging for the phone. 

On examining code purportedly from the latest update of the Google App it was found out that Google was planning for a new 'Pixel Stand'. This might gain access to the Google Assistant and would enable the phone to be used a smart speaker while its display would become a contextual, glanceable screen in response to the questions asked, something akin to an Amazon Echo. 

However, the Pixel owner would be expected to provide explicit permission to access their data. 

The code within Google's previous update that was launched in June revealed a new inclusion codenamed 'dreamliner' which hinted that the tech giant was working on a wireless charging dock. Considering that neither of its predecessors had wireless charging, it could be assumed that the upcoming model might have the new feature. 

A look into the appearance of the upcoming model shows that the phone would sport a bezel-less display similar to that of the iPhone X and One Plus 6. Additionally, the phone seems to be possessing two front cameras in the notch along with the ear-piece of the phone. 

Credits: XDA Forums

Prototypes of the upcoming model show that it would have a gloss and matte glass back, compared to the metal and glass back of its immediate predecessors. A similar transition was made by Apple from metal to glass with the launch of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X which was altered in order to enable conductivity required for wireless charging. 

The upcoming Pixel 3's immediate predecessor put up a good show in the market with the smooth software, a long battery life, and a top-notch camera. The question, in the end, would be if the upcoming model would compensate for its high prices. 

The new leak has surfaced a few days after the tech giant was fined a whopping  4.3 billion Euros by the European Commission for placing restrictions on its Android operating system.

This was the highest fine that was levied on the Silicon Valley company by the European Commission. In 2017 the company was slapped with a fine of 2.7 billion Euro penalty for anti-trust issues.