Hilarious Petition Calling For Reducing Redmi K20 Costs By Rs 2000 Now Turns Serious, Draws In Close To 3400 Signatures Out Of A Targeted 5000 

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Why is Redmi K20 so expensive?
  • How would it be to buy the 6GB+128GB edition of the smartphoneat Rs 22000

The petition calling to cut the price of the Redmi K20, created on Change (, has now gone viral as it has grossed over 3700 signatures in a matter of fewer than 48 hours; now with an average rate of 1 signature every 10 minutes. The aim of this petition is to get the folks at Xiaomi to listen to respondents’ (of this petition) grievance of the price of the Redmi K20 being expensive. Also, the campaign is aiming at 5000 signatures. 

As of this point in time, the petition calling for the reduction (by a marginal Rs 2000) in the Redmi K20 cost has grossed 3381 signatures. This petition, appearing hilarious earlier, now seems to have gone serious with netizens showing signs of urgency as far as signing is concerned.  

Creator of this petition has been calling for making the 128GB storage variant; 6GB RAM; as the base edition rather than the 64GB storage type being the base variant. Also, the petition has been asking to reduce the price of this current base variant to Rs 20000. 

The Redmi K20 6GB + 128GB internal storage edition could be priced at Rs 22000, states the petitioner. In this regard, earlier, Xiaomi’s Manu Kumar Jain had addressed fans/loyalists in an open letter detailing the need for the relatively “higher” price tag – as of now, the 6GB + 64GB base variant is costing Rs 22000. The 128GB edition has a Rs 24000 costing.  

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