OnePlus Speed Dial Numbers Disappearance Issue: Check Your Dialers Now, Especially After Software Update

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Are your speed dial contacts, within OnePlus mobile phones, intact?
  • Are you facing issues in maintaining speed dialer numbers within your OnePlus, post updates, or otherwise?

If you are a OnePlus user, then you should know that as recently as on 1 May there have been complaints from OnePlus users on an ofificial OnePLus forum indicating a potential issue with the Speed Dial feature. Now, it is not known as to which handsets these users, having reported the alleged issue, used; but it is important to note. 

Now the problem that has been dominating – in fact, there is a thread for this reported issue, is speed dial contacts getting auto-deleted and reset repeatedly in the Phone app. Users on this OnePlus forum have even stated that they detected other users with the Speed Dial deletion problem as early as in January this year itself.  

Another cross-section of OnePlus users confirmed that the company did roll out updates incorporating fixes for the Phone application but these reportedly failed to solve the issue of speed dial contacts disappearing. There are OnePlus 5 users on this forum, having reported the issue with the speed dial.  

“This has happened 3 times now in the past 1 week. I haven’t updated through any other mode and use the official OTA update which comes to the phone,  
please help in fixing,” states one OnePlus user on the forum.  

There are also posts from as recently as 5 and 6 May that mention about frequently called contacts getting erased automatically.  

However, it is worth noting that a small group of users have stated, on the forum, that they experienced the speed dialer deletion problem with other Android devices as well. Hence, you are advised to check out your Android smartphones and tablets, especially in case you have updated your devices recently (software update). Do let us know if you are facing the speed dialer contacts disappearing problem. In case this is a relatively larger problem, then there could be a fix from OnePlus soon.  

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