Redmi Note 7 Durability: Don’t Subject It To Tests Like These

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • The Redmi Note 7 has been subject to durability tests by the CEO Lu Weibing himself, in a new video
  • The Redmi Note 7 is due for release in India soon

If you thought that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 48 MP camera smartphone was durable, then a new video has the handset subjected to multiple tests in varied circumstances such as using the phones as skateboards and hurling it downstairs.

First up, the Redmi Note 7 has been subject to durability tests by the Redmi President Lu Weibing himself (in a video)  to show people that the smartphones do not crack or break when they experience an intended shock (could be in varied forms such as people walking on it); but what happens when the smartphone experiences unintended shock? It seems like users (even the prospective ones) should decide.

Nonetheless, the durability video showcases Weibing placing the Redmi Note 7 in a trash bin which is then sealed completely with duct tape; the phone is thrown down a flight of nearly 18 steps. The handset jumps and bounces within the covered trash can all the way down the stairs. When removed from the can, the phone seems operational with no signs of hardware damage.

In yet another “durability test”, the Redmi Note 7 doubles up as a skateboard that is used by none other than Weibing himself. Weibing tapes up wheels into the Redmi Note 7 - two units to be precise to be used as skates.

These Redmi Note 7 skates are taken outdoors and in fact, used as skates by strapping these to the feet (of Weibing). The Redmi Note 7 “skates” are used to glide; Weibing, in fact, walks with these on as skates. When removed, the smartphone apparently works and there are no visual signs of scratches (at least) as well. Both the phones used as skates are seemingly intact with no hardware damages as well.

Now, how much did Weibing weigh when he put his weight on the “skates” made from Redmi Note 7 is not known, but in case you are planning to try something like this at home, we strictly advise you not to.

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