Samsung Galaxy Fold In Pictures: A Sneak Peek Into The Future 


The Galaxy Fold offers a sneak peek into the future of smartphones and even though it’s not really there yet, it lays the groundwork. Take a look.

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:

Samsung says the Galaxy Fold is “a meticulously crafted luxury smartphone that unveils a new era of smartphone design,” and one couldn’t agree more. The Galaxy Fold offers a sneak peek into the future of smartphones and even though it’s not really there yet – you can check out my hands on and first impressions of the device here – it lays the groundwork. For it to work upon. For others to work upon. 

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Fold in India at a price of Rs 1,64,999. Those looking to get the Samsung Galaxy Fold in India can pre-order the device from October 4 online on Samsung’s official online store, Samsung Shop, and offline in 35 cities across select 315 outlets, including the Samsung Opera House in Bengaluru. Those who pre-order the Galaxy Fold on Samsung India’s online store and Samsung Shop will be eligible to get their device delivered to them through a concierge, Samsung has announced. Shipping will commence from October 20.    

Galaxy Fold buyers will also be eligible for the Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which will offer, in addition to 24x7 expert customer care, a one-year Infinity Flex Display Protection – this will include accidental damage coverage with one-time protection, genuine parts, expert repair service and Galaxy Fold’s display, and discounted repair for Rs 10,500. 

Yes, the price is on the higher side, but so is the kind of technology involved. The Samsung Galaxy Fold belongs to the first wave of foldable devices – it is the first foldable to launch in India – and making a foldable device doesn’t come cheap. Possibly in the days to come, with more advanced technology, brands like Samsung may be able to make these things more affordable – but that will happen when it will happen. The same is true about the Galaxy Fold’s longevity aspect. It has had a rocky start but, Samsung has been able to fix it in time for a consumer release – at least in India. 

If f you’re someone who’s willing to invest in the Galaxy Fold, chances are you won’t even care about the whole back story. You’ll be in it for the experience. And that experience, will be magical. 

Take a look - 

(Photos by Saurabh Singh)

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