Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 Users Raise Issues Within New Camera Night Mode

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  • Users have complaied of camera crashes

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 user having got the recent dedicated camera Night mode, then do check for the correct operation of the functionality as there have been users who have complained about issues within the new mode for both the smartphones. Users, here, have complained of camera crashes.  

Now, as per XDA Developers forum, and SamMobile, users have complained of problems such as camera crashes whilst saving photos/images and resulting in not being able to save these altogether. This user group, reporting camera failure issues, has been sufficiently large.  

Then, one more cross-section of users have stated that the camera mode failed while they attempted at capturing photos while there was a moving background. To this, some users (on the XDA Developers forum) have recommended capturing images over a static background. Remember that all these have reportedly been observed while the Night Mode was active within Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 smartphones.  

At this point in time, in what could be called a temporary fix, a forum member recommends selection of the 16:9 image resolution. This would not be a permanent solution considering the fact that image quality in such a resolution may not always be up to standards.  

Samsung could address the reported issues within the dedicated night mode within the camera in a new software update – but this is not confirmed so far. In this regard, the issue within the night mode in the camera may be less frequent; but an occurrence nonetheless.  

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