What do you expect from the next-gen Sony PlayStation console?
What do you expect from the next-gen Sony PlayStation console?


Sony PlayStation 5 Launch: Next-Gen Console Could Also Offer PS4 Backwards Compatible Feature

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Sony, which recently made official its plans to skip E3 2019, is now apparently slated to launch the much expected PlayStation 5 (PS5) console in 2020. The next-gen gaming console is also said to be already in development.

Now, as per a Redditt tipster (having earlier correctly predicted developments) going by the handle RuthenicCookie, the showcase of the futuristic Sony PS5 console should happen during mid 2019 (at the PSX 2019)with full launch in 2020. The latest speculated date of the Sony PS5 launch, also coincides with the launch of the PS4 that happened way back in 2013.

The tipster RuthenicCookie also mentions about developers possessing developer kits for the Sony PS5 which means that the next-gen PS5 could well be showcased at the PSX 2019. However, Sony is yet to officially throw light on the rumoured PS5 hardware.

As far as next year’s E3 2019 is concerned, Microsoft has confirmed its presence, and Xbox head-honcho Phil Spencer also stated that there would be lots to share with gamers; during the conference.


Spencer’s statement is clearly indicative of the fact that there would be at least a few positive announcements to impact the global community. Also, Microsoft becomes the most well-known console manufacturer to participate in E3 2019.

In this regard, gamers could share their thoughts on what their expectations are with respect to the E3 2019 and Sony PS5 reveal. Has Sony skipped the E3 2019 due to having nothing new to showcase at the event, and to prep up the speculated PS5 console?

At this juncture, the most talked about Backwards Compatibility feature could also make its presence felt on the rumoured Sony PS5 console. RuthenicCookie has speculated that titles viz The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding would reach the next-gen PS5 (rumoured).

It is only about time when more titles surface.

Do share with us, your expectation on the PS4 backwards compatible titles, on the PS5. For now, all eyes are on next year’s Sony PSX to potentially witness the PS5 gaming console. Also, it could either be  March or November 2020 timeline for the launch Sony’s next-gen console.