This Make In India SoC Could Eliminate Call Drops, Make 5G Compatibility Effective

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  • Pruthvi 3, by Saankhya Labs, is said to be under test as of now
  • Pruthvi 3 could offer 5G compatibility to mobile devices

Pruthvi 3 which is a System-on-Chip (SoC) module offering capabilities to users such as mobile call drops reduction, 5G compatibility, and direct TV broadcast; has newly joined the “Make in India” bandwagon. The SoC, developed by Bengaluru-based Saankhya Labs was unveiled by Manoj Sinha - Minister of State for Communications.

Now, USP of the Pruthvi 3, apart from the above, is the fact that the chip comes out amidst those from foreign brands viz Qualcomm, Samsung, AMD, and MediaTek. Also, the module supports live TV broadcast on mobile devices. The Pruthvi 3 is based on the SDR architecture patented by Saankhya, and is programmable.

Pruthvi 3 is also an enhancement over Saankhya’s 2015 iteration, and the former incorporates an SL7000 modulator, SL3000/3010 receiver, and SL4000 baseband demodulator. Applications of Pruthvi 3 could be in varied societal fields as services such as live TV broadcast, and video offload find relevance across sectors. At this juncture, Saankhya Labs is yet to issue updates regarding the domains it tends to target, along with the consumer broadband sector.

“I am also told that this broadband-broadcast convergence technology has great potential to minimize or eliminate call quality issues faced by telecom operators today,” stated Manoj Sinha during the launch of Pruthvi 3.

The company is also said to have received supply orders,  for Pruthvi 3, from US-based firms; these firms are also said to deploy the chips within mobile device such as tablets ; as per a Hindu Business Line report. Saankhya’s Co-Founder and CEO Parag Naik also stated that aspects related to piloting broadband projects driven by the Pruthvi 3 are also reportedly on priority for Saankhya.

Hence, the next couple of years should be vital as far as witnessing a potential telecom revolution in India is concerned. At this point in time, call drops are a challenge for all major Indian telcos. Also, with 5G hugely rumoured to be deployed globally by 2020; the Pruthvi 3 - driven mobile devices should potentially account for “something interesting”.

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