TRAI Again Advertising New DTH- Cable TV Norms On Indian Channels


TRAI is yet again advertising the new DTH rules which have come into force from earlier this year. This is for consumers still confused. Check out again.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

TRAI is yet again advertising the new DTH rules which have come into force from earlier this year. Now, this is for consumers still confused and depending on other “agents” to select their DTH channel packs. As per the new rules customers now have full powers to outrightly reject the channel which they do not want to watch on their televisions.

TRAI new DTH rules

This is, while keeping the channels which they would like to watch. For the uninitiated, there is a base pack that is priced at Rs 130 containing free channels. Subscribers’ preference would be over this base pack. While the new rules are in effect from a relatively long time now, there are customers – who we interacted with a s well – still unfamiliar with how to select channels. Here, remember that there are unscrupulous agents desirous of minting money in the guise of helping out customers choose their channel packs – under the new scheme.

Hence TRAI is again issuing advertisements and advertorials in all major Indian languages about the empowerment that the new DTH rules lead to potentially. This is bringing down the cable bills. In the ads, customers are also educated – mainly by small screen celebrities – on how to choose channels of preference. These ads have now been playing repeatedly across all major Indian channels.

If you are new to this regime, the best thing you could do is visit the respective official websites of your DTH operators. There would be detailed instructions on how you could add/drop channels within your current package. You could also subscribe to annual packages; you would be free to add/drop channels under the new rules in these annual packages as well. Hence, you are potentially empowered here. Finally, do not fall prey to disguised elements, always follow TRAI rules.

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