Xiaomi Says It Is Working On World’s First Ever Double Folding Phone, Here Is What It Looks Like

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Published:

Samsung is gearing to show off a fully-functional foldable Galaxy phone at its annual Unpacked event scheduled for February 20. While LG, Huawei/Honor and even Apple are said to be working on their own foldable phones, another company of the name Xiaomi, is closest to stealing Samsung’s thunder in the days to come. This is because Xiaomi is also working on its own foldable phone and it seems, it is also ready to show it off as soon as at MWC 2019. On February 24, to be precise.  

Xiaomi has now gone on record to confirm that it is working on the world’s first ever double folding phone and has also started teasing what appears to be a fully-functional prototype of the concept. Xiaomi’s foldable phone does not have a name yet – it could be called anything from Dual Flex to Mix Flex – and even its hardware specifics are a closely guarded secret for now. Company president and co-founder Lin Bin has however taken to Weibo to tease the prototype, and here is what it looks like: 

One look at the teaser, and one thing becomes clear. Xiaomi might just have pulled a rabbit out of its hat with this one. Not only will Xiaomi’s foldable phone, in all probability, cost lower than what Samsung would end up charging for its own take, the Chinese brand might also have a better design at hand. When it comes to usability. The Xiaomi double folding phone, as per the teaser, solves one of the biggest drawbacks of foldable design. The double folding design, that Xiaomi is working on, does not seem to compromise on screen real estate in folding state.  

The Galaxy Fold – or whatever Samsung decides to call its device -- will give users access to two categories of devices: a 7.3-inch primary tablet kind and a smaller 4.58-inch phone form factor: in one device. While it seems useful in tablet form, that 4.58-inch screen (with thick bezels) could irk many, considering how everyone has grown used to tall-screen smartphones. The double folding design of Xiaomi’s foldable phone does not seem to compromise on this front. It is seen offering ample screen real-estate (with no side bezels and barely there top and bottom bezels) when folded, and it looks nice. The foldable phone prototype that Samsung showed off at its developer’s conference did not look half as good.  

Xiaomi will hopefully have more to say about its double folding phone at MWC 2019, where it is also set to announce a 5G variant of its crazy slider Mi Mix 3 phone, among other things.